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About Peakist

Peakist is an of app to help hikers keep track of their visits to various peaks. There are many peaks to see and lists to track. Peakist helps you keep a record of where you went and when.

Includes lists to track peak visits in the Catskills and Adirondacks of New York with more lists being added all the time. Currently supports:

  • Catskill 3500
  • Catskill 100
  • Catskill Fire Towers & 2024 Fire Tower Challenge
  • Adirondack 46ers
  • Adirondack Fire Towers
  • More soon!

Peakist was created by the folks at Squirrel Point Studios in beautiful upstate New York.


When you need a fresh idea on where to venture, Peakist has a curated list of peaks to visit.

Peak Bagging

Are you a completionist who has to visit all the peaks? Peakist will help you keep a record of your visits to all the peaks.

Can I Park here?

Peakist features the locations of many parking areas so you can see where you can access the peaks.

How to Get There?

While Peakist is not intended to be a navigation tool while hiking (there are many great apps already for this!) it will help you navigate to the area or a preferred parking spot. Integration with Apple Maps allows quickly getting directions from home to the peaks.

Any (Apple) Device

Peakist will sync your visit information between your iPhone, iPad and Mac automatically via iCloud. Plan your next hike at your desk, record your visit on the top of the mountain and review your accomplishments on your iPad.

Privacy First

Peakist only uses iCloud to share your visit information between your devices. None of your visit information is public. It's your information. We don't track it, sell it or share it.

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